Welcome to Leicester's Oldest Prep School 

For 130 years, the royal blue uniform of Leicester Prep School, Leicester's oldest prep school, has been synonymous with the highest quality of traditional academic excellence. 

Our school is a small, family friendly school, housed in one building, for boys and girls of ages 3 to 11 years. The school has over the years developed an enviable reputation for developing the individual child and for providing a happy family atmosphere that Children love. The School also provides excellent academic results. Our children acquire a love of learning and achieve academic success without the feeling of being pressurised into succeeding.  The atmosphere is open and friendly and we encourage children to develop their self-confidence by introducing them to a broad curriculum incorporating traditional values and modern teaching methods. Our curriculum stretches well beyond national guidelines and is designed to enable all children to achieve their best, both in academic terms and in their personal and social development. Arts and sport are given equal importance with academic subjects.

Why not explore our website to have a taste of all that we do at 2 Albert Road and make an appointment to visit or arrange a free taster day - we would be delighted to welcome you.

Francis Fernandes