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About Us

Background and aims

Leicester Preparatory School at Stoneygate College is committed to providing your child with a solid academic base from which to grow.  We place significant value on getting the pastoral care right for each and every child, to provide an environment where children feel secure, valued and supported.  Many parents over the years have commented that it is this 'home-from-home' culture that makes the difference.

There are many opportunities for children to take responsibility for different aspects of school life.  This includes the School Council, consisting of a representative from each year group.  In addition, there is the opportunity to take a sports leadership position as a team captain, and an active prefect system.

The school recognises the critical importance of staff development and undertakes to provide continuing professional training, review and support.  The result is a solid core of highly-experienced staff, driving the aims and objectives of the school each and every day.

Our aims and aspirations are:


  • That every pupil fulfils his or her academic potential.
  • That teachers and pupils pursue excellence in teaching and learning.
  • That our pupils develop a love of learning, both individually and with others and acquire a wide range of learning skills.
  • That we create an environment in which pupils are confident in their ability and increasingly ready to take responsibility for their own learning.

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  • That every pupil receives excellent pastoral care within an ethos of tolerance and mutual respect.
  • That pupils develop successful and appropriate relationships with peers and adults.
  • That pupils acquire a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • That pupils are introduced to opportunities to assume responsibility and develop leadership skills.

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Personal and Social Development 

  • That our pupils participate in a variety of physical activities and experience a sense of well-being and self-confidence that arises from good health and fitness.
  • That our pupils benefit from a personal and social education that helps them to lead happy, confident and fulfilling lives.

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  • That we provide a wide range of activities to enrich the curriculum.
  • That all pupils are confident to participate in a range of activities, appreciating the rewards of team work.
  • That all be given the opportunity for personal achievement and fulfilment in a way befitting their own aspirations.

Please visit our News and Showcase page to see pictures of our children enjoying their extra-curricular activities.

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