Leicester Preparatory School

Inspiring Ambition - Unlocking Potential








 We believe that high expectations for work and behaviour will support our children as they become tomorrow’s global citizens.


 We follow three simple rules:

Respect everyone and everything 
Be fair, tolerant and kind 
Treat others the way you would like to be treated


How we achieve this:


      Each child is treated and respected as an individual.

      We offer a broad and rich curriculum tailored to the needs of the individual.

      Outstanding Pastoral Care instils confidence, resilience, ambition and compassion.

      Through celebrating our multi-cultural community, children learn tolerance and develop a strong and positive moral compass.



Our curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the needs of all our pupils:

Click here to read our Remote Learning plans and how we are supporting our pupils at home. 

Click here to read our return to school plans, and how we welcomed ALL year groups back to school. 



We seek to build young learners and leaders who:

  • are happy, enjoying the adventure of childhood and thriving on friendship, respect and tolerance in a healthy, positive and purposeful community
  • demonstrate and understand the importance of maintaining a growth mind-set, applying this to all aspects of their learning journey
  • are increasingly curious, aspirational, self-disciplined, resourceful, responsible, independent and confident learners, hungry to make the most of opportunity and with a growing passion for lifelong learning
  • understand issues on a national and global level, who recognise the importance and roles of national institutions such as Parliament
  • learn how to achieve their individual potential
  • take advantage of opportunities and benefit from the confidence and the support to achieve amazing things
  • are confident and well-prepared leavers, who are able to move on to next stage, prepared, confident and excited for the wider world and to make a difference.

We aim to sustain:

  • teachers who have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the needs of every individual learner, providing an inspiring, aspirational and supportive environment, who continually develop themselves and remain excited and passionate about teaching.
  • a stimulating, balanced, engaging and relevant curriculum and opportunities to develop the whole child
  • first class curriculum planning and development together with the relevant documentation that are essential to ‘effective’ teaching and learning within the school
  • whole school policies that inform others of our aspirations and provide valuable guidance for individual teachers. They also, very importantly, ensure a continuity of approach throughout the school.
  • confident partnership with parents that foster trust and belief in the school, ethos and staff and ensure transparent and clear two-way communication of information, progress and data
  • a school that is proud of its local community and makes every effort to ensure that its pupils are proud to be part of that community, making the most of local facilitates and links.
  • A global awareness and understanding of the important role that every single one of our pupils plays in the world around us, on a local, national and internal scale.


Specific Skill Development

  • Linguistic: all subjects and lessons promote communication skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. To accentuate and deepen our provision of English Speaking and Listening all children from Year 1 onwards work towards gaining their English Speaking Board awards.
  • Mathematical: all subjects (and especially Maths, Science and Geography) train children to think logically in terms of number and space, being taught imaginatively and using ICT where beneficial.
  • Scientific: Science is a core subject and pupils are taught to know about and understand nature, materials and forces, as well as developing their skills of enquiry.
  • ICT: ICT is used in all subjects where educationally beneficial to support the individual subject disciplines; children understand how ICT and technology can be deployed for a wide variety of tasks.
  • Environmental: children learn about human beings and their environment both throughout history and in the modern world, particularly in History and Geography.
  • Physical: games lessons provide a wide variety of physical activities and training, which gives our children a clear sense of fitness, bodily health and sporting skill, as well as the ethics of good sportsmanship.
  • Creativity: the curriculum also provides formation and opportunities for making, composing and inventing, particularly in Art, Music and English, where rendering and composition are taught explicitly; art displays, concerts and poetry recitals celebrate the children’s achievements.