2020/21 Curriculum Developments


The school is extremely proud of the vigorous progress that has been made over the past few months. We have improved much of our provision, which was justly rewarded in our recent OFSTED visit. We are establishing a team of first-rate educators at LPS, ones whose adaptability and professionalism has been evidenced by the hours of extra preparation and planning they have all undertaken to ensure lessons can continue and to ensure our children’s learning and development progresses as expected.


We are further enhancing our provision of Sports this year. Children from Reception to Year 6 will attend games twice a week. One of these sessions will take advantage of the fantastic facilities on offer in Leicester the other will focus principally on team sports. This means that this autumn, pupils will play squash or tennis, and football or netball. 

Science and Technology.

We have seen the successful introduction of Design Technology to our curriculum this year, children in various age groups have been exploring computer science, programming, electronic circuit design and much more. To compliment this development, we are redesigning the use of our school to create a Science and Technology Centre. This will be stocked with relevant and up to date equipment to enable each class to access the facility to conduct experiments and further develop their key scientific skills.

The development of Science, Technology and ICT in our school will seek to equip pupils with the transferable skills and foundation knowledge to pursue scientific or technology-based careers. 


In order to deliver meaningful and high quality science lessons, the school is investing in scientific equipment to enable science teaching to become more practical, engaging and a key strand to the modern, individual approach

  • To provide a high-quality learning environment for science and technology.
  • To inspire pupils to develop a mastery approach to science.


  • All pupils will receive specialist science teaching, making maximum use of the facilities on offer.
  • Children in years 3 – 6 receive 4 science classes per week.
  • Teaching will be thematic, covering units at a time, alternating between the 3 strands. Revision sessions and incorporated study will aid the acquisition of transferable knowledge.

Planning and delivery:

Curriculum Development: Our starting point will be the 11+ ISEB science syllabus, we will begin the delivery of this course in year 2, moving into 13+ topics where possible and where safe.

Teaching and learning: This will be developed with the acquisition of the following skills in mind:

  • Scientific attitudes
  • Experimental skills and investigations
  • Analysis, evaluation and problem-solving
  • Measurement

Early Years

Our Early Years Department is already structured as Kindergarten and Pre-Reception classes, meaning that pupils can now start their LPS journey as young as 2 years old. To continue the excellent development of our EYFS provision, we are redesigning our curriculum to equip our pupils with a wider sense of learning, that exceeds the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. With the natural progression of year groups, from Kindergarten to Pre-Reception and on to Reception; we are developing an education that provides a continuity of learning as children grow and develop. This strategy will be mirrored throughout the school up to Year 6, this will ensure pupils build on the knowledge and skills they have acquired.  

Our pupils will have the opportunity to access an education that that far exceeds the requirements of the EYFS framework. In this way, they will acquire the key skills to enable them to enjoy successful careers at school, and in adult life.

One of our key curriculum investments in Early Years next year, is the implementation of scientific inquiry into the curriculum for our youngest learners. We have previously developed a curriculum using Topics and whilst these will remain, to create a broad focus for learning, Science will have a focused weighting. Our ambition is to stimulate our pupils thinking to build a basis for future scientific understanding and to equip our youngest pupils with key skills for their future.

The content of our Science Inquiry will be to provide learning that promotes a ‘hands on’ approach. Our new approach will see Science explored with direct exploration and subjects drawn from the environment they live in, to promote curiosity and investigation. Topics such as, Dinosaurs and Space, will be learnt through dramatic play, whilst our Scientific approach will explore Light & Shadows and Animal Behaviours, thus we believe better preparing our pupils for their transition into KS1 topics and building necessary scientific skills.