The School is owned and run by a company, Stoneygate College (Leicester Preparatory School) Limited 08615680, with a sole Director, Francis Fernandes, leading the company and primarily responsible for strategic and business leadership.

The Governance architecture and approach for the School is designed around key principles. These are clear accountabilities, role clarity and stakeholder involvement in shaping and influencing decisions.

The overall School is led by Paul Hitchcock, Headmaster and Pre-Prep is led by Charlotte Saunders. Overall group management is through the School’s Senior Management Team (SMT).

Each member of SMT has “portfolio” responsibilities. These act as focal points for accountabilities and for driving continuous improvements in key result and compliance areas:

SMT Portfolios

Mr. F. Fernandes Director MBA; LLM; LLB (Hons); LARTPI - Solicitor- Business and Strategic Leadership.

Portfolio: Governance and Leadership.

Mr. P.Hitchcock BA (Hons) -Headmaster - Overall School and Professional Leadership

Portfolio: Quality of Teaching and Education (Curriculum).

Mrs. C. Saunders – BA (Hons) -Head of Pre-Prep.

Portfolio: Early Years Provision and development.

Mrs. F. Radulovic BSC (Hons) – Teacher

Portfolio: Achievement of Pupils

Mrs. B. Collins B Ed (Hons) – Teacher

Portfolio: Behaviour, Safeguarding and Health and Safety.

Parent and External Advisory Group

The Director is in the process of developing the terms of reference for this group which will have an advisory and external challenge role, working to the portfolios above. Further details of group structure and composition will follow shortly.

School Council (SC)

The School Council will be comprised of students and chaired alternatively by the Head Girl and Head Boy. Members to the SC are elected by fellow pupils. The SC is supported by a teacher. The SC has a small budget, agreed annually by the SMT and are consulted on key pupil interest areas.