Our History

We are very passionate and proud of our historic school. Stoneygate College was started in 1878 by two sisters the Misses MacKennal (Gertrude and Jean). It began in a house mid-way up London Road, however the ladies soon commissioned a purpose built building in the developing suburb of Stoneygate. That building now houses the present School. The building was designed by the Leicester architect James Tait and included a school room, gymnasium, as well as living quarters. There were bedrooms for the girls and living accommodation for the teachers. Over the years the use of the various rooms has changed however the room layout has not changed much and there is close correlation between the original architect’s plans and the current school.

The building has been in continuous use as a school since it opened in 1886, 130 years ago (from 2016). This makes Stoneygate College the oldest prep school in Leicester City. We are not sure when boys first began to come to the school or when boarders were replaced by day pupils. There are census records which show that many of the pupils and staff were resident in the school.

Many of the original features that would have been an integral part of daily life in the building still exist for example most of the classrooms still have bell pushes in them, and in the corridors there are gas light fittings. In the attic we found hooks spaced along the beams as if for a dormitory and in the playground there are names and dates scratched on the walls which date back to before the First World War. The only real addition has been a dining room for the school at the back of the building.

For the vast majority of its time the school has been owned by a single proprietor. The maximum number of pupils which can be accommodated is 150 . In 2013 a decision was taken to make a slight change and we introduced the name Leicester Preparatory School (LPS) to the Stoneygate College name. Whilst this better reflects the nature of the school we wanted to retain the historic name, known by so many people in Leicester and beyond.

As a long established school we pride ourselves on our academic standards and family friendly ethos where we strive for a love of learning and academic excellence. Our students and parents absolutely love the school. This is reflected in the feedback we regularly get.

The original architect designs for the school, from the archive office are reproduced below.