Parents' Quotes

"LPS is a great first step into the world of education. It has offered our son a nurturing environment to bring out his personality and supported us as parents through an important learning phase."
Mrs Farhat Majid, child in Pre-prep

"I love LPS as they have been amazing with ensuring a smooth transition from another nursery to here."
Anonymous child in Pre- Prep

"Both my boys love going to school. They are well looked after by the amazing staff, it’s like a family. The standard of education is outstanding and I would highly recommend this school".
Mr & Mrs Surti, children in Year 1 & Pre-Prep

"LPS is an amazing school which not only has the establishment of one of the oldest schools in Leicester but has an intimate, family environment which my child really flourishes in. The staff are amazing and know each individual child which you simply don't get anymore. If you’re looking for a very close knit akin to family environment for your child to truly grow in this is the school."
Mrs Sati Dhadda, children in Year 3

"I highly recommend Leicester Prepatory School to any parent who would ask me about the Private schools in Leicester. I visited all the private schools in Leicester from Great Glen to Loughborough, I felt this school had something special and personal to it. All of the teachers are so kind to each child, truly encouraging each to their strengths. The school is true to its’ ethos and education and is not a blend, as are other schools that I have observed."
"My son has thrived under the direction of his teacher (Mrs Collins) who has taught here at Leicester Prepatory School for MANY years. My Son LOVES to attend and learn. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning. The school offers music, sports, and Mandarin, all of which my son love participating in, and has gained an appreciation for each. I am confident we made the BEST choice for our Son Xavier at Leicester Prepatory School."
Mr and Mrs Zunaid Anwar, child in Year 1

"Leicester prep is an excellent, welcoming school that has encouraged my daughter to excel many areas of development."
"Highly Recommended, Very pleased parent."
Mrs Johl, child in Pre-Prep

"We feel that Leicester Prep is special , because it's a school that cares about its pupils and their education.
The teachers are loving and easily approachable. We made the best choice for Qasim."
Mr & Mrs Sadikot, child in Year 4

"Leicester prep school has helped my son gain confidence and made his learning journey both educational and enjoyable."
Anonymous, child in Pre-Prep

Childrens' Quotes

“I like Leicester Prep School because……”
“There are lots of toys to play with” Pre Prep
“I like to play with my friends” Pre Prep
“I like my teachers” Pre Prep
“I like to go on school trips on the mini bus” Pre Prep
“I like this school, it is fun” Pre Prep
“You can play in the playground” Year 3
“There are a variety of subjects to be educated” Year 3
“Staff set fun challenges” Year 4
“We do lots of sports” Year 4
“They serve hot dinners and the deserts are delicious” Year 4
“We get fresh cooked lunches everyday” Year 4
“We have a beautiful teacher” Year 1
“I like playing basketball and football” Year 1
“They have lovely puddings” Year 1
“I love the teachers, they make us learn” Year 1
“We do fun work” Year 2
“I like my teacher and I like reading and writing and I have nice friends to play with” Year 2
“We make fun things like, jellyfish” Reception
“I like playing with the lego” Reception
“I like seeing all the teachers” Reception
“I like zoo animals” Reception