Welcome from the Head

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. My hope is that it can offer you a small ‘taste’ of the vibrant life of this school that has served the people of Leicester for more than 130 years and that it will lead you to finding out more about our aims for this delightful school.

I believe that we now offer an ambitious curriculum to all of our pupils, reflecting the needs of parents who are seeking a high standard of learning and care for their children.  Starting with French for all pupils, beginning in our ‘Early Years’, we lead onto engaging all our pupils with Latin and Mandarin.  Our pupils also have an enriched musical curriculum leading through choir and class music lessons to learning solo instruments including piano, violin, flute and guitar. In recent years, our school has had the opportunity to sing on television and radio, and even perform for Prince Charles at Kew Gardens.

We have developed a fresh vision of independent school sports. We want all our pupils to be fit and healthy through participating in sport and activity.  We connect with a wide range of opportunities in our locality in the hope that the children will eventually join clubs and activities around them.  Our children play tennis, basketball, netball, football, orienteering, squash, cricket, hockey and all learn to swim. We go on regular walks into the countryside, make use of our minibuses to visit museums, galleries and parks, both in and around Leicester, and participate in residential trips both within Great Britain and abroad to France.  

The course of the day, however, is taken mostly through the work of the classroom.  Staffed by well qualified teachers in small classes, each child is assured a personalised support which both meets their immediate needs and gives them the confidence to strive for ever higher standards.  By Year 6, the children are well prepared and confident to sit their entrance examinations, many attaining very high standards indeed.  However, this is not an ‘overnight sensation’ and has been built up through the careful attention of all staff from the very start, in our outstanding ‘Early Years’ department.

I have taught for many years in a variety of independent settings and know that I have met many remarkable teachers striving to do their best in all types of school. I also know, however, that alongside the best efforts towards education, offering a caring, supportive environment that carries the ethos of hard work, ambition, self-confidence and generosity is key to a child’s ongoing development.  

Our school is different. It is small, personable and friendly. I do warmly invite you to take a look.

Paul Hitchcock (Headmaster)