The Early Years Department

The Early Years Foundation Stage (“Early Years”)

In the Early Years we follow the principles embodied in our Early Years Policy. Throughout the Early Years we aim to cover and extend the experience of the children beyond the Early Years Foundation Curriculum.


The prime areas of learning:

        communication and language;

        physical development; and

        personal, social and emotional development.


The specific areas of learning:



        understanding the world; and

        expressive arts and design.


Characteristics of effective learning:

        playing and exploring;

        active learning; and


        creating and thinking critically.


We provide a happy, family atmosphere for young children as they take their first steps into school life. Our core of highly experienced staff takes pride in being able to offer a welcoming but structured environment to ensure that the foundations of a well-rounded education are laid.

Much of the focus of these early years is to establish a confidence in the classroom and a joy of learning. Children take pleasure in developing their independence, whether this is hanging up their coats and caps, or helping to tidy up their toys. Taking turns in play and when speaking, treating friends and carers respectfully and the fun of sharing mealtimes with friends are all features of this educational stage.

Days consist of short bursts of academic support, backed up by games, songs and activities that reinforce key themes and learning. Children are introduced to a wide curriculum at this early age, including French and two popular weekly sessions with our Head of Music. In addition, we plan in trips to parks and farm centres using our private mini-buses, which are thoroughly enjoyed by the children.


LEA Nursery Grant (FEEE – Free Early Education Entitlement) is currently available for three and four year olds, up to 15 hours per week (5 sessions).

  • Morning Sessions : 9am – 12 midday
  • Afternoon Sessions: 12-3pm (including lunch)
  • Lunch can be added to morning sessions
  • Additional sessions can be added

Eg. A child entitled to FEEE funding could attend 5 morning sessions per week and stay for lunch

Please contact the school office for current lunch and additional hour rates.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The EYFS is made up of seven areas of Learning and Development. All of these areas are connected to one another and are equally important. Below, we aim to bring to life some of the activities that your child would participate in at Leicester Prep during this stage of their education.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We ensure that children are supported as they gain their personal and social independence, whether this involves singing a song in a group at an assembly, or expressing themselves during circle time.

Communication and Language

Stories, rhymes, letter games and music and movement - this encourages the children to develop their listening skills and ability to follow instructions.


Phonics are introduced and we start to develop early reading and writing with the use of Oxford Reading Tree and Jolly Phonics.


Children benefit from short sessions of structured tuition in numbers, shapes, space and measuring, followed by games and activities that support this learning.

Physical Development

Our school has enjoyed an excellent reputation for sports and the foundations for this are laid early, with children participating enthusiastically in a wide range of activities.

Expressive Arts & Design

Role play in our dedicated role play area means that the children can enjoy dressing up, puppet shows and painting giving them the opportunity to use their imagination.

Understanding of the World

This all-encompassing heading includes growing seeds and bulbs, watching tadpoles develop, cookery classes and starting to understand each other’s beliefs and values.