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Claudia, age 5

ClaudiaYear 1

“My favourite thing about school is playing in the playground because I can play with my friends!  I like playing stuck in mud.  When I come to school each morning I feel happy when I see Mrs Collins smiling at me and saying ‘Good morning Claudia!’ I like that.  My teacher is very kind.

This week we did a drawing with chalk and we painted over it and it looked like an underwater kingdom!  It was good fun.  I like my classroom, it is decorated with my work and I like the toys we have too.  We have Golden Time.  This is when we have been really good and we can choose what games to play.

I like maths because I like numbers.  I can add up and take away and count to over 100!  I also like spelling and we have a test each week.  I practice at home so I can get ten out of ten and a sticker!  I have a new reading book to bring home each day and Mummy writes in my book.

I like going to the dining hall for lunch.  I love fish and chips and peas!  We have lots of different sorts of food.  I like to try new things.

I like to go on the mini-bus to our swimming lesson.  It is an adventure!” 

Khizra, age 7

Year 2

"I enjoy coming to school, everyone plays with me and is nice to me.  I really like concentrating on my joined-up writing and am trying very hard at the moment with my maths.  I think I am good at drawing, literacy and at home, I am good at folding clothes.  When I describe my school, I say it is a bright and happy place.  People are smiley!  People at school have nice manners, which is important.

My favourite grown-up at school is Miss Clarke, who is fair, a nice teacher and helps me with lots of things.  My favourite friend is Tamsin, who is very kind.

School teaches you to work on your own – independently – but also how to be part of a team, and share.  This is all useful as I plan to be a Detective when I am a grown-up, I will follow footsteps to find treasure!" 

Vinny, age 7

Year 2

“I am good at writing poems and Games, especially rugby.  I also like Maths and French.  I know I am good at Numeracy as I seem to get the answers right!  I want to be better at my times tables so I will practice them and I will try my best.

We have Quiet Time in the classroom to help us settle down after our lunch break. You can play games, but in a quiet way. It is a way that we get ready to work in the afternoon.

My friends at school are funny and they like to play with me.  Everyone helps each other.  If a child was going to come to Leicester Prep I would say – the school dinners are delicious!  The school is bright and colourful and the teachers are very helpful.  I have learnt so much.” 

Joshua, age 10

JoshuaYear 6

“My name is Joshua Tyers and I have been at Leicester Prep for three years and I am in Year 6.  I am Head Boy and Sports Captain.  My favourite subjects are Maths, ICT, Latin, PE and Rugby.  As Head Boy, I help people around the school and I also have to make speeches at school events.  I really like singing and drama and I enjoy the competitions we take part in.  This year I took the Loughborough Grammar exam and I was extremely happy when I passed!” 

Safia, age 11

Year 6

“My name is Safia Girach, I am eleven years old and have been part of Stoneygate College for seven and a half years.  I am Head Girl and part of the Student Council.  I also participate in the choir and play instruments such as the violin, guitar and piano.  I enjoy all sports and I am Hockey captain.  My favourite subjects are Maths, English, Science, Sports and Art.  I enjoying coming to Stoneygate College very much.  Read my story in the Showcase section, to see the type of work we do.” 

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