School wide

Admissions wide

Our Aims

  • To ensure that every child enjoys coming to school and that each individual’s potential is fully realised
  • To educate the whole child so that academic achievement goes hand in hand with developing spiritual, moral, cultural and physical well being
  • To emphasise traditional values of good manners, respect and responsible behaviour
  • To provide a stimulating programme of activities to encourage children to develop skills and interests which will make their school careers successful and rewarding
  • To lay a firm foundation for future education

Code of Conduct

  • Respect our school
  • Respect each other's right to learn
  • Respect all who teach and all who care for us
  • Respect our parents and families
  • Respect God’s world
  • Respect yourself

The latest post from the Headmaster's Blog

Former pupils - where are they now?

This week we have been contacted by a lady who was a former pupil here, and so were her daughters.  Do you know anyone who was pupil here and who would like to get in touch with others, or share memories of their time here?  Please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear your stories.