About Our School and Berties Nursery

Welcome to our historic school. We are very passionate about the proud history of our school. Stoneygate College was started in 1878 by two sisters the Misses MacKennal (Gertrude and Jean). It began in a house mid-way up London Road, however the ladies soon commissioned a purpose built building in the developing suburb of Stoneygate. That building now houses the present School. The building was designed by the Leicester architect James Tait and included a school room, gymnasium, as well as living quarters. 

The building has been in continuous use as a school since it opened in 1886. We changed the name of the school to better represent the type of school it is but we have kept the historic name. This makes Leicester Preparatory School (Stoneygate College) the oldest prep school in City of Leicester. 

As a long established school we pride ourselves on our academic standards and our warm nurturing environment, where we strive for a love of learning and academic excellence. Our students, staff and parents absolutely love the school. This is reflected in the feedback we receive.

We recently added Berties Nursery to our provision. The nursery opens from 7.30am to 6pm and takes children from the ages of 2 to 5.