Children love adventure, and learning is a lifelong adventure!

The curriculum at Leicester Preparatory School is broad and balanced and under constant scrutiny and review.

Every child is encouraged to give everything a go, to discover the truth, explore the world and find their passion.

We strive to make our curriculum bespoke to the individual pupil enabling every pupil to acquire new knowledge and skill; this way, each pupil can make excellent progress according to their unique ability. We aim to foster a positive mindset within every pupil alongside an intrinsic belief that there are no ceilings to what anyone can achieve if they put their mind to it.

We aim to help pupils understand and appreciate that we are part of a global community and have rights and responsibilities. We encourage pupils to apply intellectual, physical, and creative thought within their work, to think and learn for themselves. They take risks in their learning, are not afraid of making mistakes, nor discouraged when finding something difficult. Help and support are always readily available.

Well planned lessons, effective teaching methods, activities, and class time management allow for these to be realised within the classroom.

Each teacher has an excellent understanding of each pupil’s aptitudes, needs, and prior attainments and ensures these are considered during the planning of lessons.

The pace of technological advances means many of our children will go into jobs that do not, as yet, even exist or be entrepreneurial and create their careers. We believe it is vital to equip every child with adaptable, transferable skills for whatever path they may take. We believe pupils should have their mobile devices to weave technology into any aspect of the studied subjects.

Kindergarten and Pre-Reception children benefit from specialist extra-curricular activities in Music, French, and Specialist Sports.

Children in Reception to Year 2 have weekly specialist teaching in Music, Specialist Sports, swimming, French, Mandarin, Drama and Food Technology.

Years 3 – 6 receive the same curriculum subjects as the Pre-Prep pupils. Prep students also in engage in further specialist teaching, notably in additional Specialist Sports and our Life Skills curriculum, including Computer Science, 11+ study skills, Food Technology, Personal Social Health Character and Enterprise Education.

Years 5 and 6: children progress to a fully developed specialist teaching programme, with a subject specialist teacher for various subjects – a way to help our children prepare for senior school and get used to moving around the school between lessons.

Reading skills are fostered from kindergarten. We also aim to instil within our pupils the love of reading for pleasure. We are fortunate to have a library with a myriad of books that pupils can access anytime.

Early Years Curriculum

Pre Prep Curriculum

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