Ethos, Aims, Values & Vision of LPS


These four words lie at the heart of a Leicester Preparatory education

We constantly strive to ensure that our pupils only receive the most inspirational teaching, curriculum, and school experience. In this way, they become inspired to research, learn and challenge and thereby grow in ambition to realise there is no ceiling as to what they can achieve in the classroom and beyond.

Children who feel happy, valued, respected, and inspired by an increasingly broad, inclusive, collaborative, and individualised school experience enjoy the fostering of self-confidence, resilience, curiosity, ambition and independence of mind.

Open minds allow children to challenge themselves and to take responsibility for their learning. They have high expectations and standards, and their potential, whatever that might prove to be and in whatever area, is discovered and released.

Leicester Preparatory School offers an educational system that celebrates every individual, where every child is valued and feels success.

Our LPS core values underpin daily life within the school.

We believe that high expectations for work and behaviour, together with interest and thirst to explore their world, will support our children as they become tomorrow’s global citizens.

We follow three simple rules:

  1. Respect everyone and everything
  2. Be fair, tolerant, and kind
  3. Treat others the way you would like to be treated

How we achieve this:

  1. Each child is treated and respected as an individual
  2. We offer a broad and rich curriculum tailored to the needs of the individual
  3. Outstanding Pastoral Care instils confidence, resilience, ambition, and compassion
  4. Through celebrating our diverse community, children learn tolerance and develop a strong and positive moral compass.


Consistent and open communication is key to establishing the solid triangular relationship of school, child, and parent where each work together in trust. Approachability is paramount.  Every staff member is contactable through email or the class dojo communication tool. There are regular parent consultation meetings and special ‘teaching’ introductions at the school’s various transfer points, i.e. moving from the Early Years Foundation Stage into the Pre-Prep and Prep phase. Teachers hold welcome meetings each summer before pupils moving into their classes in September. New and prospective pupils can enjoy ‘taster’ or welcome days in school before they start.

We aim to foster a positive partnership between staff and parents. Those parents who take an interest in what their children are learning, understand how it is being taught and have the time to support learning at home undoubtedly get the best from their children and us!

Communication is essential at Leicester Preparatory School.