Parents and Alumni Testimonials

"Our son Harvey started Leicester preparatory school on his 3rd birthday and he was there until the age of 11 years old. We could not have wished for a better start in life for him, the teachers instilled an academic curiosity into his life and plenty of other life skills. Harvey was thoroughly happy at this school, and he also passed his entrance exams for his preferred senior school. The warm family feeling nurtures each child, and it helps to give them an inner confidence. There are not many golden finds, but we can assure you that this school is one of them. The purpose of a Preparatory school is to achieve your choice of senior school and Harvey achieved this along with many other children."
Jennifer Boyall
Alumni parent
"The children have benefited immensely during their time at this wonderful school. Their teachers have taught them very well, they are able to read and write confidently. I have noticed family members complementing them on their abilities at such a young age. Their understanding of maths and several other subjects is far better than I expected of them at this age. I have noticed both children growing in confidence over the last few years. This is purely down to the experienced teachers that you have employed at your school. They have carefully nurtured the children over the last few years. My wife and I are very glad we chose Leicester Prep for the twins. I would never hesitate in recommending your school to any of my family and friends. It is a great place for any child to begin their educational journey. "
Year 3 parent
"From the school to the teachers, my daughter loves LPS. The small class size and nurturing environment is shaping her into becoming a confident and hard-working little learner. I haven’t come across a day yet where my daughter doesn’t want to go to school."
Year 1 Parent
"Leicester Prep is a wonderful school which offers both an exceptional academic program and a warm and friendly environment for our child. These past three years for Zak who is now in year 1, have been extremely valuable and beneficial for our son’s education as well as for his overall growth and development. He’s made wonderful friends, and he truly sees Leicester Prep as his family. In addition, we, as parents, are extremely happy with the educational program that he is being taught, since it greatly exceeds what is currently offered in public schools. This school not only challenges our child academically while simultaneously making the learning process fun and enjoyable for him, but also teaches him how to be a good citizen and an active member of the community. We love Leicester Prep, its atmosphere, its environment, and those wonderful opportunities that it keeps creating for our children. The School challenges the students with a rigorous academic curriculum, and our son is learning so much – far beyond the traditional year 1 skills. The curriculum involves lots of reading and writing, spelling and math, as well as social studies and science French geography history sciences It Art and so much more. The students in his class truly enjoy working hard and we know that, when school is in session, he is working — and not being “babysat,” as is the case in many other schools. Furthermore, I am a busy working mother, finding it difficult to drive my son to swimming lessons, football class, music lessons, horse riding, fencing archery etc. At Leicester Prep these extra-curricular activities are provided in the after-school program as well as during the day. Yet, what I like most about Leicester Prep is that I am partnering with the teachers. I can send the teachers emails about my concerns, I receive an immediate response, and together we brainstorm solutions! -Year 1 Parent My daughter Sienna joined pre-prep, she absolutely loves going to school every day. She was reading Paddington before her 4th birthday. Sienna has grown in confidence, she is articulate, her academic progress is remarkable, the credit goes to the school and the dedicated teachers that are there." "
Year 1 parent
"Savraaj has been at Leicester Prep since reception. It has been a great experience for Savraaj and us as parents. He’s been thriving in all areas. A fantastic group of teachers within an outstanding school, where the passion for education and development shines through."
Year 1 Parent
"My daughter started at Leicester Preparatory School in year 2. She was extremely nervous and anxious during her early years at her previous school, but once starting here she slowly gained confidence and was able to work independently as the staff helped her to realise her own potential and feel safe. She has made some good friends and is extremely happy at school. The level of teaching is very good and the staff will always encourage her to do her best. The choice and range of subjects is quite varied and the option of after school clubs allows her to participate in activities which she would not have normally taken part in thus, encouraging a broader thinking and skills. She currently takes part in archery and horse riding lessons and one to one piano lessons during her day at school which again allows her to be practically involved in activities normally only found out of school. She regularly uses the breakfast club which she thoroughly enjoys. She will miss being at Leicester Prep once she moves on to Secondary School. On a final note, the staff are very sympathetic to every child’s need and as a parent I have found that if there is an issue that needs addressing then I always have a member of staff who I can approach to discuss." "
Year 6 parent
"LPS is a beautiful school. I have watched my children develop academically, also my kids love the staff members and various extracurricular activities such as horse riding, swimming, fencing and archery. Thank you so much LPS for your hard work and commitment towards my children. We love LPS!."
Early Years & Year 1 parent
"My son started at this school on his 3rd birthday, he thoroughly enjoyed his time here and he left at the age of 11 achieving his preferred senior school. The teachers are dedicated and instill academic curiosity in each child. We are very grateful for everything that they have done for our son." "
Mrs Boyall
"Sending my son to Leicester Preparatory was the best decision we ever made for him. It did take him a couple of weeks to settle in but his teachers were very caring and understanding. His teachers would message me throughout the day with pictures and updates regarding his settling in - there was always open communication with the staff. In just a short space of time, my son positively thrived in the creative and nurturing environment that the school has created for the children. He is now a confident, charismatic and independent little boy."
Saira H
Mother of child
"Great first impressions on this pre-school. Great attention to detail when observing and developing my child's learning. Great, helpful staff. Very friendly. Definitely recommend to other parents."
Mother of child

Reasons why the pupils love LPS

Pre-Prep Quotes

“There are lots of toys to play with” 
“I like to play with my friends” 
“I like my teachers” 
“I like to go on school trips on the minibus” 
“I like this school, it is fun” 

Prep Pupil Quotes

“There are a variety of subjects to be educated”
“Staff set fun challenges”
I love the teachers, they make us learn” 
“We do fun work” 
“I like my teacher and I like reading and writing, and I have nice friends to play with”