Students are expected to wear correct uniform upon arrival and departure from school. The School Rules in each section of the school outline the dress code.

Dress Code guidelines for all pupils:

  • There should be no extremes in styling, length or colour of hair
  • Boys hair should be smart and tidy.
  • Shirts should be tucked in, top button fastened and ties to reach the waist band
  • Skirts should be below the knee
  • Blazers to be worn unless permission given not to do so
  • Shoes to be black and have low heels; black, navy or dark grey socks for boys, navy socks or tights for girls

School uniform to be purchased from:

Schoolwear Solutions
64 London Road, Oadby

The school uniform can be viewed on the Schoolwear Solutions site. This is the link below for the LPS page:

Schoolwear Solutions